Marinated Chicken Breast
Mock Mashed Potatoes (cauliflower ... very good!)
Marinated Cucumbers
Sugar Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

It's what's for dinner!  And can we spend some time talking about the sheer amount of vegetables on my plate, please?!  That is over HALF of the plate full of veggies, and the sweet potato is a HUGE power food.

I am accepting gold stars now.

In other news, I am determined to be more organized which means I need to be more disciplined which means I actually have to plan ahead which means I CAN NOT be lazy which means there's very little room for slovenly behavior or for excuses which means I am DOOMED!

Still, I have to say that I am patting myself on the back for having all the laundry done and many, many, many clothing options with which to plan from ... I even turned on the Weather Channel to get the predictions for the week so I could plan smartly.

Is smartly a word?

Somewhere in Michigan, my mother is singing Handel's Messiah HALLELUJAH CHORUS loud and raucously.


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