Photo taken in Midway, Kentucky

I don't know why it takes me sooooo long to get into the swing of things.  Just about the time my Spring Break (or Fall Break) winds down, I finally get my head out of the foggy fugue it seemed to temporarily reside in, and I feel able to tackle THE WORLD.  A little too late, because then I head back to work where CRAZY takes over ... and before I can say *CRAZY,* I am head-long into my discouragement and stress and, well, that foggy fugue again.

Today, while driving the back roads toward a favorite place of mine that I like to eat, Wallace Station (a treat on my last week of break), I remembered just how much I love Spring!  It's a time of rebirth ... fresh, delicate, new flowers of every sort of bright and refreshing color dance in the bright sunlight.

As I drove by horse pastures full of colts and their mothers, munching on fresh, green, green grass, it became obvious that my Spring Break has been exactly what I needed it to be, a time of renewal ... of re-calibrating.

Have I dropped the ball in terms of friends and family?   Have I hit the ground running in terms of this year and my productivity like I said that I would?  Have I utilized all my time wisely?

I can honestly answer no to all of these questions ... and many more if I spent the time to come up with the questions.  But taking in all of these brand new Springtime signs in as I drove, it struck me that I also get a "do-over."  I can relinquish the guilt of not being the best friend I can be ... of not being the best co-worker I could be ... of not being the best sister/daughter I could be ... of not being the healthiest person I could be ... of generally not being the perfect person.

I LOVE that I've had this time to renew ... relish ... relinquish ... refocus ... rework ... realize!  I am so thankful for this time to help me realize what is truly important.  I can finish this week out knowing that I accomplished what I didn't realize I needed to accomplish ... recognizing the true beauty and embracing it.


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