If there was a fly on the wall in my general vicinity while I am having conversations with people, oh the stories that fly would have to tell!

Actually, I did have a fly on my wall ... well, window to be exact, at home ... for about a week ... until he finally slowed down, assumedly from lack of food and fresh air ... and Emmy got him ... and skidded him around on the living room floor for a while ... and then licked him to death ... literally.  I bet he had some stories to tell ... before he was licked to death.

Okay, well, maybe he didn't.  I mean, after all, it was me ... and the cat ... in my house, and we're not all that exciting.

But the conversations that I have with my friends ... well, that's another story entirely.  For instance, the conversation involving a Groupon today was one for the record books. 

Erin called me on my cell during my planning.  Now, she called me on my cell because she was on her planning as well.  I should probably mention that she is right next door to me ... like ... oh ... I don't know ... a few yards door to door.  But she called.

That alone is one thing that would make a fly roll all of his eyes.  We do stuff like that, Erin and I.

So, she called me and said I needed to get over to her room as soon as possible because there was something I just had to see.

Turns out, she'd just received a Groupon on her email that was one for the record books ... and something she thought we should do.

What was it, you ask?

Only the best deal ever!  Or so some would think.   $29.00 a person, and you too could go to a place over in Louisville for FOUR POLE DANCING CLASSES.

The descriptions themselves were enough to reduce us to giggles, but then Erin actually suggested we go.  Me!  Her!  Together in this class!

"First of all, Erin, I would sprain something, and not the normal kind of sprain.  It'd be a sprain in a place you're not suppose to get a sprain,  and then I'd have to go to Dr. G, and he'd make me explain how I'd sprained it, and I'd have to tell him, and then, after I watched him fall off his swivelly doctor's chair laughing his butt right off, he'd have to deal with this crazy sprain, that he'd then tell ALL OF HIS OFFICE about.  So, no.  I am not taking POLE DANCING CLASSES with you!"

"What are you going to sprain, Megan!?  Really?" 

"One of my boobs.  I'd sprain one of my boobs."

"How would you sprain a boob?"

"I told you it would be a very unique sprain!"

"Elly, would do it!  I know she would."

"Pretty sure she wouldn't," I said, shaking my head emphatically.  "It's the vision of seeing Dr. G laugh hysterically at me that keeps me from this little venture.  Can't we just go on a girls' overnight somewhere?"


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