Finding Mr. Right/Mr. Wright


It happened.  Again.

The question was asked. 

The question I HATE the most.

"Miss Murray, are you married?"

I hate this question because it's just another magnification of how I've managed to somehow fail in finding that one right man to share my life with ...

"Nope.  Nope, I'm not married." 

And then the second most hated question. The follow-up question.

"Why not, Miss Murray?"

Yes, because if we had the answer to THIS question, we could, possibly, find the answer to other questions ... like a cure for cancer ... or a final solution to world peace ... or who did shoot JR? 



We know the answer to that one.

"Well, I am not sure.  I suppose it's because I've just not found Mr. Right yet."

There was a long pause on the part of my students, because they were ALL interested in my answer to this one.  I mean, aren't you all?

Finally, someone spoke up, with a look of both confusion and consternation playing on their little fourth grade face. 

"You mean to tell me that you've been wasting all of this time trying to find a man named Mr. Wright?!"

Yep!  That's what I've been doing.  Good grief!  If I'd only realized this years ago, I could have spared myself so much frustration!!!

I suppose it's better than the time a first grader threw up her hands and said to me in frustration, "YOU'RE NOT MARRIED BECAUSE YOU'RE DOING THIS ALL WRONG!"


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