The other day, while teaching writing, I referenced a Saturday morning cartoon that I remember just loving, HONG KONG PHOOEY.  The kids actually knew what I was talking about, which makes me think that Nick at Night has rerun at some point.  This little conversation got me thinking about Saturday mornings and the amount of time I spent in front of television set that have to be changed by actually getting up out of your seat, walking over to the set, and turning a dial.

Oh the horrors!

I watched all kinds of things on Saturday mornings.  Oh Land of the Lost!  It seems to me that this show came on later in the morning ... perhaps closer to lunch.  Often times, mom would already be gone on her grocery shopping expedition.  It is the WORST acting one has ever seen, and the special effects ... well, they were pretty rudimentary.  But it was a lot of fun on a Saturday morning!

Who doesn't like any thing that Bill Cosby has done?  I mean really! Fat Albert was awesome, hands down!
Henry Mancini's music made the theme of this cartoon.  The Pink Panther and the Arvark Show?  Come on!  We're talking a Saturday morning classic, people. 

This was a short-lived show on Saturday mornings, and I think, once you see the clip, you'll understand its lack of longevity.  But seriously, that head dress?  Who didn't want one of those just like that!?

Ark II was something that I only vaguely remember, and it's that crazy space vehicle thingy that sticks most in my mind.  I never knew they name of the show, for the longest time, but rather just had the memory of that vehicle in my mind.  Now, while the acting was ... well, crap ... I think the message was pretty forward-thinking for its time.  Actually, it was pretty prophetic.
And the cartoon that got the whole ball rolling ... HONG KONG PHOOEY!
Jonny Quest ... now there's a cartoon I could get behind!  Race Bannon was dreamy even as a cartoon, and the crazy mission they went on in their super sonic jet?  Well, it left this girl thinking it would be fun to do the same!
The Globetrotter's cartoon was just clean fun.  Meadowlark Lemon, I believe, did a voice over.  I saw him recently, at a Kentucky Book Fair.  Not only is he an absolute giant, but the whole time, I couldn't help but think about the cartoon!  Not sure that is what he wants his fans to think about, but I am sorry.  That's what stuck in my head.
And lest we forget, The Bugs Bunny Hour!?  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!


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