Midweek Confessions ... a Day Late

  1. I hate Valentines Day ... with a red hot passion.  I want to be surprised with flowers or a Starbucks or a Diet Coke on regular days or a sweet note ... for no reason other than because I am adored.  Not just because some marketing ploy tells someone to do so. I am glad I've made it through another IT SUCKS TO BE SINGLE Day.
  2. I cleaned my room over the weekend and within days, I had two piles of clothes laying on the floor.  Why?  Who knows!
  3. I have left the same sink full of dishes for two days ... unwashed.  I am a pig.
  4. I am beyond giddy at the thought of finally having my fireplace fixed.  I envision lots of evenings in front of it, enjoying a glass of wine ... and not getting anything done around my house.
  5. I am secretly scared I might blow myself up lighting my fireplace by myself. I suppose this isn't much of a secret any more.
  6. I have a box issue. Big boxes.  Small boxes.  Shirt boxes.  Jewelry boxes. For some reason, I had started saving boxes ... for some yet unnamed purpose.  I realized this was verging on hoarding, so I've begun the recycling process. 


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