Midweek Confessions

My midweek confessions ... such as they are.

  1. I have left the same three used Kleenexes sitting on my fireplace hearth for ... well, I've lost count on how many days they have been sitting there.  I have someone coming to fix my fireplace in two weeks.  I figure I've got time to move them to a waste basket ... or a new location closer to an actual waste basket.
  2. I used the term WASTE BASKET the other day in school.  My kids had no idea what I was talking about.  Is that now an old fashioned, passe term?  I am ALWAYS hopelessly unhip.
  3. I often wear my work-out socks two days in a row.  Oh what!?  It's not 90 degree weather I am working out in ... yet. 
  4. I often eat sandwiches for dinner because I am too lazy to make an actual meal.  And I wonder why I am not losing weight at a quicker rate???
  5. I have listened to the Florida Georgia Line's CRUISE more times than is necessary for an almost 41 year old.  Oh heck!  What else am I suppose to listen to?  I still feel 25 most days ... which reminds me ...
  6. I still consider myself 25 years old ... except on days when I can see crow's feet ... and my knees ache ... and my plantar fasciitis flares up.  Then I feel 30.
  7. I am snarky.  I like snarky.  I have been snarky a lot this week.
  8. I ate a hamburger and fries for lunch today.  It was one of THOSE days.  So, basically, I am eating salad tonight.
I am shameful, aren't I?


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