Grown Up Obligations

Being a big girl comes with obligations.

Big girl obligations.

Big ones.

For instance, I am responsible for not only paying for this house, but paying taxes on it.  Sheesh!

All I've got to say is thank goodness for the individual that created this lovely thing called escrow!  I'd be a sad, sad girl with out it.

I also have to do things with the house ... things like fix stuff.

Fixing stuff is a bummer when things break and they cost a lot of money and said money isn't in an abundance.  Fixing stuff is a real bummer.

And there's maintaining stuff.  Maintaining stuff can be a bummer too when one doesn't have the equipment or time or understanding of how to maintain stuff.  Then maintaining stuff is a bummer.

Before you know it, you're giving yourself birthday gifts like TMJ bite guards and a working fireplace. Well, okay, a working fireplace is a bit of a birthday present, especially when one puts a glass of wine and a good book with it.  That's an amazing birthday gift, actually ... now that I really sit down and think about it.   Daggone amazing birthday!

Okay, maybe let's not go that far.

A daggone amazing birthday would be me on a beach in some exotic locale with a body that fit into a great bikini.   Come to think of it, that would be a freakin', wicked awesome birthday gift!

So, who's getting me that for my birthday?


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