I dreamed up this idea, over Christmas Break, when all crazy ideas are dreamed up, to create a monthly mantle-scape, if you will.  I got on Pinterest -- where all crazy ideas are given legs with which to run -- to find some fun ideas for mantles.

For my January mantle, I really wanted something to transition from a cozy Christmas living room to the stark post-Christmas feel that always occurs when all the decorations are put away.

I saved out some of my Christmas trees from other areas of the house, some of the garland and some white snowflakes. Over the weekend, I found the flocked buck and pine tree for 50% off!  I snatched those puppies up and voila!

You all!  If you only knew the number of times I've redone this mantle!  My sister and parents were bugged to death with "what do you think?" and "should that tree be there?" and endless texts of photos.

This is my maiden voyage of my YEAR OF MANTLES, and here is my first mantle!

I give you my JANUARY MANTLE!


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