I'd like to thank Hallmark for yet another movie that shows a syrupy, sweet ending where everyone gets their significant other in the end.

One happy ending after the other.

Two hours of my life I will never get back. And that's not even close to how the real world works ... or at least my real world.

Not everyone gets kissed under a full moon. Not everyone meets Prince Charming. Not everyone gets the guy in the end. Not everyone gets to ride off into the sunset.

Sometimes, there is no Prince Charming. Prince Charming isn't really looking for a fat, single, 40-something. Forty-something Prince Charming is looking for a 20-something that is all cute and pert and svelte and, well, the anti-thesis of me.

So, thank you, sappy movie writer, for taking me down a rose-petal covered lane for two hours. I nearly slipped in the sugar and drowned in the sweet.  I am now going to pick myself up, wash the stickiness off, and floss my teeth or something.


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