My initial reaction to the Metro was I HATE THIS!

My initial reaction was based on two very key issues:

  1. I was rushed.  I LOATHE rushing to things. Puts me right off. Nothing gets me more stressed than running late to something.  Okay, well, maybe there are other things, but that sure is a top 10 stresser.
  2. I need to get the lay of the land.  If you throw me into something that I haven't been able to investigate before hand, I get cagey.  The Metro with its stinky tunnels and red, blue, yellow, orange, and silver lines ... it threw me right off my game.  
However, once I did get the lay of the land, I LOVED it....well, except for peak commuter time.  I did not at all like standing for a 20 minute ride in to "town."  I like being comfortable.  Can't be comfortable when your grasping a bar over your head ... that heaven only knows how many people have touched before you.

Which brings me to my next point ... 

I ate Airborne chewables like they were my job! 

The mass of humanity crammed into those cars sneezing and coughing and hacking and picking and wiping heaven only knows what all over the place?  Oh yeah. GERM CITY! I boosted the immune system into overdrive.

I failed to put hand sanitizer in my purse, which, if ever on the Metro (or any public transportation of any kind) again, I will be hand sanitzing it up.  Just see the aforementioned germaphobia paragraph for further details. 

The Metro was filled with people-watching opportunities. Alllll kinds of people. And allllll kinds of fashion.  I realized a couple of things by all my people watching....
  1. I need to step up my fashion game! I've become lazy. These ladies showed me up in a BIG way. Operation Re-invent My Closet Begins today ... or maybe tomorrow ... or the next day ... yeah, I'm pretty lazy as I've already mentioned. 
  2. No one talks to anyone on the Metro.  It's sorta sad. There we all were just staring off into space. No one made eye contact with any one.  No one smiled. When eye contact was made, it was quickly averted. I get the Big City mentality, but where does general human kindness and interaction come in?  
  3. If folks aren't just staring off into space, everyone has their faces in their phones.  They were emailing or Facebooking or texting which is a symptom of our society. I will admit it.  I did it too.  I think I'm going to make it my goal to NOT have my cell phone in my hand much these next two weeks ... heck! For the next parts of my life! You lose so much when you are skulking about others' lives and not living your own!
The Metro, with its crazy tunnels and colored lines, was certainly an adventure, and I loved the adventure.  But I am sure glad to be home with the crazy Frankfort traffic and curvy roads and hills and valleys and small town life. 

It's where I really belong.


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