Throughout my time wandering the White House and the Capitol, I was struck by this thought: "If these walls could talk ..."

The history wrapped up in those walls.

The decisions that have been made.

The choices that have affected generations.

The secrets that have been hidden.

These walls have seen them all!

I think one of my favorite shots I took the entire trip was the one above. I couldn't help but wonder at the time (and still now) how many presidents looked out over the White House grounds toward the Washington Monument and contemplated the heavy burden of their job ... or the sheer magnitude of the job ... the excitement of getting the job in the first place ... the "pinch me" moments ... and the incredible sadness involved in being the voice of the people.

I had a photography professor tell me once that a picture tells a thousand words is just a farce.  That a picture captures just one moment in time.  I suppose he's correct, but looking at this picture, remembering myself standing in the people's house ... I'm sorry, but there were more than a thousand words wrapped up in this picture!  There were the thoughts and dreams and hopes and failures and celebrations of a nation wrapped up in this one picture.


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