Well, it happened.  I caved.

My dad has suggested it.  My mom has suggested it. My sister has suggested it. My good friends have suggested it.  Heck! Countless Facebook friends have suggested.  Yesterday, I finally caved under the pressure and made it official.

I hired someone to mow my grass for me.

I mowed my lawn last week, and while I was okay at the time, three days later, I was lame and unable to use my good knee.  And I need to use my good knee.  I walk and stand for a living.  I need to be able to exercise. I need to be able to function in my house, seeing as all of the ways into and out of my house are via stairs (I didn't really think that one through very well).

He did the first cutting yesterday, and I have to say.  The weight lifted off of my shoulders was immediate! I know it sounds super melodramatic, but it felt like I could breathe again. Lawn mowing has been a stress for me from the word go.

I was raised by The Lawn Nazi. I love my dad, but when he was younger, he wanted a perfect looking yard. I have assumed many of his same tendencies, heaven help us all! Now, I'm not going to say that I have a perfect lawn.  I mean, I have dandelions galore in my yard, and I am perfectly fine with that.  However, I don't like having weeds growing up along my house ... or a ratty looking yard.  Both of these things happened frequently when I was in charge of mowing because A.) My life is chaotic during the school year, and since we have a growing season from March until October, much of my mowing was happening during school time, and B.) My physical limitations lately have gotten in the way.

I would get done with the yard, but then wouldn't have the spizerinktum to work in my flower beds. Something would ALWAYS suffer.  As a result, my house looked like The Crazy Lady at the Top of the Hill House.

I was constantly worried about the appearance, especially after countless neighbors starting commenting on how sad my lawn looked.

As I was walking up my street toward my home today, out on what I hope will be my daily walk, I couldn't help the feeling of calm that washed over me as my yard came into view.  It is neat and tidy and cut!

I guess some things are worth the money spent!  Plus, as my sister and my other pointed it out, it's cheaper than another knee surgery!


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