Some people go to the beach on Spring Break.

Some people hang out their windows at midnight watching the local police department arrest a criminal on the run ... allegedly.

It's the difference between having the money for fun and making your own fun....or rather others around you making the fun ... er trouble.

So, let me back up because this is one of those stories that deserves being told.  In its entirety. With all the crazy, nitty gritty detail I can muster. And y'all know I can muster some detail!

I stayed up past my bedtime last night to catch the weather because, well, every one is saying we're going to blow away in a ton of storms today.  Of course, most folks know, I am a terrible Nervous Nellie when it comes to storms. So, I wanted to know if I needed to begin making my basement storm-ready.

The jury is still out on that one. But I digress.

You know that moment when you are settling into bed?  Your mind is shutting down ... your eyelids are heavy, and the cat is snoring beside you?  Yeah.  I was there.  I was in that happy in-between place until the sirens I had heard in the distance, suddenly came closer and closer to my house. With the sirens came this horribly loud, grinding noise, like there was a car dragging something or driving on metal tires.

I hopped out of bed and opened my curtains in time to see this car make a left turn onto a street behind me, the metal grinding sound ridiculously loud, and two police cruisers, lights and sirens going, right behind him, barreling up the residential street behind me.  I braced for a big crash, sure someone was going to careen into a house or something, but it never happened.  What did happen were about six or seven OTHER cruisers, lights flashing and sirens screaming, chasing after this car....coming from all different directions!

Now, I really thought that the dingbats had left my subdivision. The sirens sounded like they had... that was until I started seeing all the flashlights and search lights ALLLLL over the next street over.

It was about that time that I saw who I thought was a neighbor walking between two houses, and while it occurred to me that most neighbors would know better than to walk outside during such a chase, the guy bends down and, I thought, picks up something from the ground.  Then he lights a cigarette and starts walking across the street.  I grabbed my cell phone and was about to call 911 when a police officer speeds down my street and stops Smoking Dude in the road.

The exchange was hard to hear, despite my ear to the window screen technique that I had going on, but I did hear the officer ask the guy where he'd been and where he was going, and while the guy tried to walk off, the officer stopped him and asked him to just tell him where in the neighborhood he lived.  Clearly he couldn't, and before it was all said and done, Smoking Dude was patted down, handcuffed and carted off to the county lock-up.

This morning, upon waking up, I learned from the news that these guys (there were four of them) were being chased on I64 after they failed to stop for a traffic stop after speeding past a trooper doing 90 miles an hour.  The state troopers chased them from Scott County into Franklin County. Despite the use of stop strips, those idiots continued driving on their flattening tires.  The horrible grinding sound I was hearing?  Those rocket scientists were driving on nothing but the wheels!  Nary a piece of rubber was left on that car!

They arrested three occupants there at the scene.  A fourth occupant ran ... allegedly right into my neighbor's back and then front yards!

The post script to this exciting evening?  The police were back today searching my neighbor's yard!  Turns out that when I thought Smoking Dude had dropped something (I assumed his cigarette), he was actually stashing something into the straw in my neighbor's yard! See, this is why I do very little to my yard. Nothing to stash nefarious items in!

My neighbor has a security camera system and caught all of this idiot's actions on video.  BUSTED!

So, yeah.  That's what I do on Spring Break.

How is your Spring Break going so far?


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