So, I wrote this little post ...

In response to the latest school shooting this last week, I did what people who are living the writerly life do. I wrote.  This particular writing just happened to be a Facebook post.

It wasn't political in nature, despite what some might think.

It was born from a place of increasing frustration I've felt with this US against THEM mentality growing in American education -- okay, so maybe a titch political.

I wrote it after a dear friend and colleague told me that her daughter asked her if she would step in front of a gunman to save students. Her answer was, "Yes!"

I walked away from the conversation shaken.  I mean, I would hope any of us would do step in front of a gunman to save our kids.  I'm pretty sure most of us would. They are OUR KIDS just as much as they are yours. And so I wrote ... from the heart ... what was swirling around in my mind and heart ...

Apparently, I struck a chord.

A rather large chord.

Normally, my Facebook posts are private for friends' eyes only.  I don't need everyone all up in my business ... not that my business is interesting enough to be all up in.  But still.

I received a request from a friend to make my post public...and then another request...and another.  Before I knew it, it was being shared and liked and commented on up and down the Eastern Sea Board.

Then it crossed the Mississippi River?  Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, California!

At this point, my little post has been shared over a 1,000 times, liked over 1,300 times, and well over 100 comments have been made about it (I did have to delete all political comments as I didn't need to read it nor was that the scope of my writing).  As I type this, it is STILL being shared!

I'm blown away ... that something I wrote could strike a chord with so many ... could conjure up so much emotion and incite so much conversation.

I'm humbled as well. You see, as a small child, I picked up a pencil, even before I knew how to hold one, and I began writing stories even before I knew how to form letters.  It's taken awhile, but I've come to believe that being a writer is part of my destiny.

This past week, this crazy little post I wrote? It was a billboard from God to me ... YOU NEED TO BE WRITING  -- LOVE, GOD.  I need to finish the novel I started. I need to begin the other ones swirling in my mind. IT HAS TO HAPPEN.

So, I wrote this little post ...


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