22 Days and Counting...

Circa 1972
By my calculations, I have 22 days until I can no longer say, "I'm in my 30s."

Only 22 more days before I have to go up a set of boxes on those surveys that request an age range.

Only 22 more days before I inevitably receive a premature mailing from AARP requesting immediate action for membership.

Circa 1975

Only 22 more days before I turn 40 and enter a world that I am not fearful or ... or sad about ... or anything other than exciting. Really.  I am not trying to convince myself of anything.  I really am excited about turning 40.  Every woman I know that entered her 40s has told me that they are the most fun they've had.

Circa 1976
So, only 22 more days until I begin a new and exciting chapter in my life ... until I discover things about myself that I didn't know were there.

Circa 1975
Only 22 more days until I am free of the turbulent 20s and the thoroughly confusing 30s.  Hello 40s, and bring it on!

An ode to some pretty bad hair!


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