On Being a Foodie ... Sorta

I pretend I'm a foodie ... some sort of snooty food lover that dines at only the finest eating establishments that our American culture can afford.

The truth is, Cracker Barrel is neither the finest in dining nor is it a quintessential example of American dining.

So, I pretend and am always so excited when I get the opportunity to eat at a place that truly views food as art.

I am currently sitting in a place in Midway, Kentucky, called Holly Hill Inn.   I'm in a meeting, and I will admit that while I was excited about going to the meeting (and this isn't always the case where meetings are concerned), I was even more excited about the opportunity to eat at this inn -- a place with quite the reputation for good, artistic food.

Let me just lay it out for you:

The first course was a salad course, and I chose the Woodford Salad (named after the county in which the inn is located).  For anyone that knows me well knows that a good, funky salad will make me happy for days.  Throw in some encrusted pecans, and you can't even peel me off the ceiling ... ever!   This salad didn't disappoint.  Full of fresh greens, red onions, oranges, and some amazing balsamic vinaigrette of some sort or another ... I mean, what other word can be used to describe it other than DIVINE?

The second course was the main course, and I chose the Chicken Etouffee.  While good, I think I would have loved to devour the Roast Pork on corn muffins with BBQ mustard sauce.  The gentelman next to me had that, and while I did like my meal, I had to fight myself to keep from stealing from his plate when he wasn't looking.

I thing that I liked least about my entree was the fact that it was parts of a whole chicken (those that know me best know that I'm a chicken breast girl, skinless, thank you very much.   Pretty sure I ate lotsa chicken skin with it, but because it was smothered in this amazing, slightly spicey sauce, I didn't mind.

The final course was the dessert course, and let's just say, it was the cherry on top of the meal.  Brown Butter Brownie in a Jar with Chocolate Ganache.  YOU HAD ME AT GANACHE!!!

It came in a jar, oh yes it did.  With a dollop of THE creamiest vanilla ice cream I've ever put in my mouth and fresh mint for garnish.  It was so thick, so rich, so decadent, I can feel the tooth decay forming as I type this.

These days, when I take a moment to savor the food I put in my mouth, I think, "Mmmmmm, I can do this.  I can cook food like this."

And then I go home, pull out my crock pot and my "Easy to Make One Pot Meals," and begin to prepare my Pepsi Pork Chops.


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