I rearranged a TON of stuff in my dining room and kitchen.  I also created a pantry of sorts in my living room closet, which meant I had to shift stuff that I use for decorating to the basement.  WHEW!  I'm exhausted!  And starving!

Here's what I've done so far today ...

"I'd like to thank all the little people that helped me ..."   Actually, she was not very much help at all, when she was snoring away on the sofa.  

This is the little pantry area in my living room closet (which is HUGE) where I am keeping those appliances that I use, but not daily.  Thanks, Mom!  This was a brilliantly inspired idea! 

I rearranged cabinets so that now all "everyday" plates,  bowls and such are together.  Also, I have a spot for wine glasses and water bottles/coffee mugs!  Yay me!  By the way, I HATE that wallpaper border.

I put my Spaghetti String collection on the top shelf of the cabinets  above my sink.  The bottom shelf is now home to crackers, snacks, hot chocolate and stuff.   It seems so illogical, but it works.

Now, all of my glasses and coffee mugs are to the left of my sink, and in direct line of the coffee maker.  Easy access on those "stumble into the kitchen exhausted" mornings.

All baking staples are now in the cabinet right next to my stove.  It just works soooooooo much better than were I had all that stuff before.

All cooking "equipment" that is used with a great deal of frequency are now housed in my "giant' cabinet on my kitchen "island."  Much more room to work around.

Another view of said cabinet.

My kitchen cabinet is now the home for those baking and cooking items that are used frequently, but are ... how do I put this ... plastic, etc.  Make sense?


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