DEAR JOHN by Nicholas Sparks
276 pages, and I felt gutted by the end. Yet, somehow, I still managed to enjoy the book. I think it's because Sparks has such a sweet, precious way of writing ... a way that eases you into the whole "life sucks and then you die" theme that permeates each and every one of his books. Each one of his books shows you that there rarely is a happy ending, but there does always seem to be some sort of ray of sunshine, however puny it may be, that shines its light down on the person that would rather have "loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

I think A BEND IN THE ROAD is still my favorite Sparks novel, but I will say DEAR JOHN was an enjoyable read ... just not my favorite one.


Anonymous said…
You go girl.. The weather is playing a big part.. I try to resist turning on the TV, because I always end up watching stuff to turn my brain to mush.(E-True Hollywood Stories)
I sat down Saturday, in front of the window, snow lightly falling, with the corn stove going, a blanky on my lap, the dog sleeping peaceful, the house was clean, and a good 1014 page book. (World without End; by Ken Follett) I thought to myself this is very, very rare to be in this perfect setting..Then I fell asleep after ten pages...Opps, I guess it was too relaxing, because the book is good!!
A Davis said…
my faves are the notebook and the wedding (by NS), in succession. :) and your friend's book she's reading (above) is an excellent book, but you really should read the prequel first--Pillars of the Earth. I will warn you, they are both full of sex! good warning, bad warning? you decide. :)

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