Well, the good news is that my power stayed on for the whole time! Not counting the five times, yesterday, that it flickered menacingly at me. For that, I can be exceedingly thankful.

The better news is that I've gotten all of my laundry done and have plowed through a few books ... loads and loads of reading time! Yay!

The bad news is that I now must pay back three whole days (and counting) at spring break. Stay tuned for the inevitable complaining and whining that will ensue with that development later on....say about March.

The worse news is that I currently can not gain entrance into my vehicle. It's frozen over ... solidly. Chief on this afternoon's activities will be to try to chip away at the ice until I've finally gained access into the truck. Why? Because they may actually have school tomorrow ... good grief, my kids will be insane!

Again, I must say that I'm exceedingly grateful that the worst I'll suffer is some cabin fever and an iced-over vehicle. There are many, many Kentuckians that are without power and water with no hope of it coming on any time soon. They've had to leave their animals in homes without heat and seek shelter at Red Cross shelters across the commonwealth. Yes, for me, it could have been a lot worse.

I'm currently trying to upload some photos I took of the beauty of the storm ... but my server hates me.


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