1. Find out where my mail has gone ... Check! Apparently, I stopped it until Tuesday, January 5th. Oops! Rectified that situation when I got to the post office. Only one bill is past due. Good times!
  2. Grocery shop and try to save money while doing so ... Check! Saved about $20 ... yay for me! Ate an amazing dinner tonight too, all because I decided to follow a menu plan sort of deal. A shout out to Erin, who explained to me her method, which apparently has become my method as well.
  3. Spend a gift card at a book store ... it's burning a hole in my pocket ... Check! And I still have money left over. Bonus!!!
  4. Visit Gap ... there's a dress that I've wanted that's clearanced down to practically nothing. Me wants it!!! Check ... but not good news. The dress was gone. Oh well. I can check on line, but I'm not holding out hope.
  5. Clean the bathrooms ... Nope! Not happening tonight.
  6. Do dishes ... Check!
  7. Think about taking the Christmas decorations down ... mind you, just think about it. Check! I thought about it, and then thought against it!
I love when a plan comes together ...


Amy Auel said…
so what's this menu plan deal?

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