I just read an article about organizational personalities. I've narrowed it down to the following two. However, I'm relatively sure that my mother and my sister will have resounding votes for the second one!

Anyone else want in on the vote?


You are a free spirit who thrives on variety, embraces imagination and delights in spontaneity. Cater to your need for stimulation to be most effective.

Organizing Strategy
• Forget the standard to-do lists. Creative personalities are motivated by things that stimulate their senses. A decorative chalkboard, corkboard or colorful calendar is much more visually appealing than an ordinary day planner or notebook, and will encourage you to write things down.
• Sort closets by arranging clothes and accessories by color. Continue with the color theme by color-coding your boxes and files.
• Creative types are more in tune with processing the big picture. That’s why open storage systems work best for you. Create a system of colored bins or boxes in a bookcase or baskets on simple shelves.
• Keep a small notebook and pen in your car, purse and a convenient spot in your home so you can jot down and capture ideas, appointments, errands or other things as you think about them.


Fun, playful and full of energy, you become restless with things that are too time-consuming, invasive or binding. Professional organizer and time management expert Roxanne Lange (theprofessionalorganizer/rlange.htm) shares organizing tips that will help simplify your life.

Organizing Strategy
• Write down all the activities you invest in (i.e., work, spouse, children, friends, hobbies, exercise, etc.) then budget your time based on what you’re willing to spend on each activity. Impulsives have a yen for doing things on a whim and work best when they have guidelines that they control.
• Lists are imperative—just remember to add FUN to the list (really!). It’s also a good idea to add something that you could easily subtract in case something you really want to do comes up.
• Replace a daily to-do list with a weekly one and accomplish the tasks as you feel like it.
• Lists for meal planning and shopping are BIG money-savers for impulsives—utilize them!

From Woman's Day online site.


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