Today was both historical and regular all rolled into one gigantic ball.

Historical in that Americans around the country, and the world for that matter, witnessed the seamless transition of power, as prescribed by our constitution ... a transition that we see every four to eight years. Historical in that this time around Americans witnessed an African American man being sworn in as America's 44th President.

And yet, it was the most regular of days ... why? Because, I woke up tired and crabby, as per usual, oh, and cold. Yes, let's not forget cold.

It was regular in that, even though it wasn't an actual Monday, Monday still managed to rear its foul head in my direction in the form of me forgetting about one meeting, a parent note to go out, and the fact that this afternoon began the start of After-School Writing Portfolio ESS from now until the time the cursed things are handed in ... at the end of April.

Oh lest we forget, the fire alarm, pulled by some unknown source, and that caused us all to unload into the parking lot this morning with temperatures in the teens. My saving grace was that I didn't have to hear any of the usual whining that accompanies such frigid fire drills because my kiddos were all too busy trying to catch giant, fluffy snowflakes on their tongues. Yes, let's not forget about that fantastically wonderful fire alarm!

Insert heavy sigh here ...

Someone, please do me the favor of passing me a glass of wine, please?


Mom said…
Oliver's Soft Red perhaps?
Megan said…
Oh yes!!! PLEASE!!!!

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