What better way to enjoy the first hours of 2009 than by sipping coffee while in my jammies. Okay, yes, it is 11:53 a.m., and I probably should be doing something of significance, like, say, making my grocery list. But man! Does it ever feel good to still be sitting in these fantastically wonderful flannel pj's.

So, I promised a look back at the dawning of 2008, and my expectations for all it had to offer.

I also promised a look to the future and 2009 and all I would like it to be.

First things first ... 2008 ... here is what I said about 2008 ... "I want to live my best life and not be defined by my job. It is, after all, just a job. Okay, yes, an important job, but it's a job. I only get this one life.

I want to read more ... love more ... savor every movie ... laugh more and feel every single one of them ... fight less ... be a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better woman ... flirt more and worry less ... save more, spend less ... travel more ... be more content ... remember the small moments ... worry less about the big milestones ..."

Okay, so my boss refers to me as WORKAHOLIC, so I may just have failed slightly on the job not defining me thing. However, I will tell you that I have been much more content, much more happy, and I've relished in ALL of the small moments. It's the reason I can sit here today and feel so fully blessed for having experienced the year 2008.

I did not read more in 2008, but I savored every movie, laughed a lot more, tried to remember every single moment.

What I didn't resolve to do, but what evolved over the course of the year was that I cared less ... cared less about what people thought about me, and, as a result, I lived a better life. Oh the pure joy of just not caring ... embrace it, folks! It's brilliant!

Now, for 2009, the world is out there for the taking, and I'm ready to take it. Here's what I'm thinking about the year 2009:

1. Read more. What's a good goal? 50 books by year's end? What!? It can happen.
2. Laugh more ... you can never laugh too much. So, I'm carrying it over from 2008.
3. Be the best me by being confident and caring less about what others think. It served me well in 2008, and I wasn't even really meaning to do it!
4. Be a bit more spontaneous.
5. Don't hang on to the useless crap of life. Let the superfluous junk go.
6. Cook more and be more organized about the food in my life.
7. Save more money.
8. Spend more time savoring life and less time savoring television.
9. Leave more time for hobbies.
10. Leave more time for being me ...
11. Make fitness a must.

So, there you have it. My New Year's Resolutions for 2009.

I think they're do-able ...


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