A Kitchen Re-Do

You might remember that my kitchen looked like this ...

It was ugly.  It was dark.  It was soooooo not my style.

I waited two years before I did anything about it, mainly, because I was trying to decided what, exactly, I wanted to do about it.

White kitchens have ALWAYS been my undoing.  I LOVE them!  Every picture in Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens that included a completely white kitchen left me salivating.  The kicker for me was when I realized that a new trend is to two-tone cabinets.  I knew then what I planned on doing in my kitchen.

Vivian cleaning up after wrestling with the wallpaper border with me. 

The eating area sans wallpaper.

The eating area with the first coat of paint on top.

Kitchen!  It's getting closer to completion!

The dining area is done!


Looks soooo pretty!

Finished finally and looking good!

The green and yellow cabinets are getting painted next, and I am looking for a vintagy light fixture for the dining area.

LOVE how the kitchen looks!  So clean and sleek.
My living room was a disaster the entire time I was working on my kitchen.

More redo photos ... 

Loving the fresh, clean lines that this new look gives my kitchen.

That's the next project ... repainting that cabinet white and gray .

And finding a new light fixture ... I HATE that thing!!!


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