The Fight for Webster's Hill -- Battle of Perryville

Rebel troops!

Confederate carnage on the battlefield
"Fixin' " to surrender

Surrendering to the Union troops!  Gotta love those Yankees! :) 

The Confederate Carnage/After-math ... they tried to take the Union-held hill

Union troops' encampment ... no thanks!  Holiday Inn is good for me, thank you very much.

Union troops' encampment

Union troops' encampment

Union troops post-battle

The saints come marching home ... 
Civil War still life

Civil War still life

These two were just TOOOOOO precious for words!

Two little cutie-pie reenactors

A monument marking the mass grave of Confederate soldiers

The Michigan presence at Perryville!!!!

Here comes my adorable Union officer.

And there he goes ... 

Going to meet the men folk.


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