Photos on the Fly

What are photos on the fly?

Well, in a nutshell?  Photos I take on my cell phone, while I'm driving.

Shhhhh ... don't tell my mom.  She has a lecture about taking pictures with your cell phone while you're driving ... especially down curvy, narrow back country Kentucky roads.  The woman has a whooooooole mental Rolodex file of lectures. She got it when she got her complimentary MOM MANUAL when she left the hospital with me.  They hand those manuals out with the free diaper and laundry soap samples.  Were you not aware of this?

And yet, I digress ... back to the PHOTOS ON THE FLY

Here are my photos on the fly for today, October 18, 2012 ...

I'm sad that my cell phone didn't truly capture vivid nature of the leaves on the trees, however.  :(

Why yes!  I AM on the wrong side of the road.  Not sure why ... don't remember driving on the wrong side of the road.  Hmmmm .... 


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