Besting My Time!

On Friday, I walked my 6th run/walk race.  I wish I could run it, but thanks to my lovely genetics wherein my knees become jelly at the blink of an eye, I can no longer run on these pitiful old knees.  And so I walk.

I figure, I've logged 700 some miles since I started this every day, 3 miles a day journey, and you can tell it in my calves.  They are getting stronger and more defined!

So, when I signed up for the black cat chase, I was pretty excited because it would have been the first time EVER that I have properly trained for an event like this.  Shoot!  I have been doing a 5K every single day since June!

But Friday's weather turned nasty.  Cold nasty.  Rainy nasty.  Miserable nasty.  And I dressed for it. 

I'm the one dressed like a BIG ole dweeb ... complete with scarf.  Can we say SILLY GOOBER?

Oh well.  I shaved 5  minutes off of my time, and that is all I care about.  If I looked like a total idiot on the race course, fine.  Which, now that I think about it, I probably DID look like a total idiot, based on all the crazy looks I got from Frankfort's finest...

Oh well!


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