Battle of Perryville -- 150th Anniversary

Confederate soldiers readying for battle.

An encampment from afar

Confederate soldiers on the move

Confederate soldiers

Union troops!!!!

Defending the hill with big ole cannons

Union defense line

Tabby -- waiting for the action

Hanging out ... sporting some pink for Breast Cancer Awareness ... waiting for the battle to begin

Getting ready to watch their men folk

Another Union position

Union scout

This little guy was sooooo cute!

Let the cannons begin blowin'

Could never ever catch a good smoke ring ... 

Providing support for the ground troops

The cannons were LOUD!

Love this fall scene!

I think this guy was a deserter ... he looked like the real deal ... weirded me out just a tad!

Union troops

Union Fife and Drum

Cutie-patootie Flag Dude

Cutie-patootie Flag Dude

Union soldiers

Gaining the upper hand on the hill

Union troops and cavalry

Cutie-patootie Union Flag Dude!!!

Union formation

Union formations

Action shot of cutie-patootie Flag Dude
Harper's Weekly War Artist ... very cool!  He was actually selling his drawings too.


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