I got myself into a FOUL mood today after a conversation with a friend.  I hate being misunderstood?  Don't you?  Nothing gets me more annoyed ... more upset ... more BEYOND p.o.'ed.

But then I had to remind myself, I am who I am.  I can't change it, and those that know me well and love me don't care.

I quickly changed my mood around when I stopped to make a list of all the things I truly love in this world.  When you look at the positive, the negative no longer seems to matter quite so much. Soooooo ...

I am in love with ...

  • the smell of beef stew in the crock pot
  • steaming cups of hot tea
  • freshly laundered linens
  • colorful scarves
  • cuddly cats
  • great magazines
  • a good book and comfy chair to hang out in
  • a hot mug of apple cider
  • sunny Autumn days
  • a friendly smile
  • fresh-baked bread
  • warm apple pie
  • warm, fuzzy blankets
  • fall decorations
  • good conversations with old friends
  • the hint of rain in the air 
  • chickadees calling
  • golden, orange pumpkins
  • fuzzy socks
  • a good-smelling candle


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