Grown-Up Things I've Done This Week

Sometimes, being a grown-up is just a plain "boo-hiss!" sort of event.  Case in point, look at all the "grown-up" things I've been forced to deal with just this week.  

  1. I spent a good deal of time this week shopping for cheap tires for my truck.  In case you were wondering, there is no such thing!  Which leads me to number 2 on the list ...
  2. I spent a GREAT deal of money buying moderately priced tires for my truck.  
  3. I began mortal combat with ground bees in my yard.  Hundreds of them have taken up residence in my lawn almost without warning, and I am fighting them off with everything I've got ... and they just keep on coming.
  4. I am gearing up to paint my kitchen and dining room.  I HATE painting.
  5. I discovered that I need to redo my budget because I have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR student loans to pay back, and well, I am thinking eating might be an optional item on my budget.  How much are kidneys going for these days?
  6. I had a frank discussion about the shingles vaccine with my physician this week.  Shingles, really!?  Who discusses this sort of thing with their doctor?  Clearly, someone who is a grown-up.
I have come to two conclusions ...
  1. I am tired of being a grown-up.
  2. I need a sugar daddy.
I'm beginning to understand the mind-numbing value of reality television now ... 


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