Things I'm Doing

  1. Reading an INCREDIBLY enlightening book that, three years ago, I picked up and thought I would gag attempting to read the first page.  Amazing how life changes, isn't it?
  2. Looking at the stars and humming the lyrics "Are the stars out tonight? I don't if it's cloudy or bright ... Cause I only have eyes for you!"  I LOVE Billie Holiday.  I want to sing like she sang ... go ahead.  Insert the heavy sigh here.
  3. Digesting a fantastic meal.  
  4. Basking in the after-glow that is wearing a hot little dress that makes you look and feel GRRRRRR-EAT!
  5. Ignoring the fact that the Presidential debates are on ... sadly, I could care less.
  6. Plotting and planning things to do over my break.  I can't believe my first week is almost over ... 
  7. Looking at lodges and cottages to stay in for a weekend jaunt or two around the state. 
  8. Looking at photos of cabins and chalets in the mountains ... again, dreaming of a weekend get-away.
  9. Thinking big thoughts.
  10. Dreaming big dreams.


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