A local radio station has been, for weeks now, advertising their MAN MARKET. I've put off blogging about it until after the event was finished, because I know Carrie. She'd have Googled it, signed me up, AND paid the registration fee all in one fell swoop AND before alerting me to the fact that she'd done any of it. She subscribes to the theory, "Act now. Ask questions later." I wouldn't be surprised if she does some sort of arranged marriage thing for me ... that's just how crazy she is, but I love her.

At any rate, this radio station has done nothing but advertise the crap out of this man market. Basically, they put a call out there for single men to register with them. They'd create a catalog that could be distributed the night of the event, for all the single women that decide to show up, and, essentially, the women could shop for their perfect man.

In theory, this sounds mildly entertaining. Then I heard what time it started.

Men can start showing up at 9:30 ... that would be at night ... P.M. ... during the dark part of a 24-hour period. Yeah, and women would be allowed in the doors at 10:30 ... that would be at night ... P.M. ... still during the dark part of a 24-hour period.

See, here's the flaw in that whole line of thinking. I have difficulty staying up past 8:30 p.m. these days! Not gettin' a party started until 10:30 p.m.? Well, that's just craziness, in my book ... not to mention an entirely awful waste of $35!

"Yeah, dude, who's the chic in the corner, drooling on the table?"

"Dude, I don't know, but she collapsed there about 20 minutes ago."

"How lame ..."

Yes, I can see how that would play out ....

Guess the Man Market is out for me ...


Anonymous said…
I heard that advertisment, too. I am thinking that you are not missing much by passing up on browsing a man market. Call me cynical, but anyone advertising their singleness through a bar meet and greet is not going to be good enough for you. Prince Charming will find you in a place with better lighting.

Elly Gilbert said…
I'm thinking that the inappropriateness of the man market has not so much to do with your age as the fact that you have CLASS.
Anonymous said…
okay well excuse me ladies but I think it might be fun! And it's not like guys are growing on trees.

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