The custodians are trying to get all the floors waxed in the building (school starts sooner than any of us want to admit). The beginning of the week, when the teacher supply fairy in THE BIG BROWN TRUCK started dropping off packages, the custodians had the fairy stack the boxes right at the front door.

Of course, last night, I started getting panicky thinking about all the stuff I still need to do and wondering when I would get my supplies. Thankfully, our bookkeeper talked me off my ledge, this morning, and informed me some of the boxes were downstairs.

Like a kid at Christmas, I skipped (not really, Michael the PT would have a stroke if I skipped) down to the boxes, finding one for me right off the bat! I grabbed it immediately and pulled it close to me.

That's when I saw it!

The Roach From Hell ....

I'm not even kidding you, he was AT LEAST two inches long, and he was running up the box, right at me.

I screamed, "OH gross!" And I ran to the door and flipped him off onto the concrete.

It was at this point, he stuck his middle antenna up at me, swore, and started running full speed toward me!

I slammed the front door quickly and ran back to my room, hoping to elude The Roach from Hell ...

I swear it!

Our custodian, Ian, said, "Should have picked him up and et him (Ian's from the UK ... they eat blood pudding over there ... whatever!)."

Whatever ... now, I'm scared to open my boxes, because, as Ian pointed out, "it might have come out of one of your parcels."


Elly Gilbert said…
Don't you science teacher types keep bugs for pets? I can't believe you didn't put him in a jar and feed him, well...whatever one feeds a cockroach. At SSS, he could have lived a long and happy life!
Megan said…
I DO NOT make friends with roaches ... NEVER!

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