So, I'm sitting here at school ... play time is over. With the start of school in a little over two weeks, I've got MUCHO GRANDE amounts of work to do before my new group of fourth graders arrive to be shaped and molded.

Nose to the grindstone ...

After my hair appointment today, I ran to the gas station to grab a protein bar and landed on PURE PROTEIN. It advertises 29 grams of protein. "This is good," I think to myself as I grabbed the Strawberry Shortcake flavor. "I didn't have much protein for breakfast."

Apparently, pure protein tastes just like crunched up vitamins (and NOT the Fred Flintstone variety, either!), as my protein bar tasted like crushed vitamins with bad strawberry jam on top.

I got it down ... barely.

Why can't things that are good for you taste like an entire bag of Frito's? I don't understand it. They can get people on the moon, but healthy eating still tastes like eating sand paper.


Anonymous said…
LMAO.. I know the feeling! At least you got it down, I probably would have scraped off my tongue and went out for a muffin or something worse. =)
Elly Gilbert said…
A-MEN, sister. I said that in a singing voice in case you didn't hear it. A little pitchy, yes.

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