I woke up with a migraine this morning -- an absolute screaming hint thunderstorms are on the horizon. This was a migraine that could cripple a large mammal ... say, something along the lines of an African Elephant.

Oh, it was bad. Not that it's all that good now, but after 3 Advil and, three hours later, 1 Motrin, I'm in some sort of weird "not here, but not really there" place. I forced myself, after PT, to come in here to work just because I know, if I work my butt off, the cleaning and organizing of classroom will be complete today. And that, my dear readers, would be a feat of gargantuan proportions, and if you think for one minute I'm joking, well, let's just let Carrie or Tuohy chime in with their two cents. I've streamlined, ladies. That's what moving does for a girl ... sort of ... that, and just being so sick of looking at the crap that I can't deal appropriately ... ever ... until it's out of my sight.

Perhaps it's my drug induced state that I currently reside, but I reacted weirdly to Michael's seemingly "trying to ease her into the idea of surgery" conversation with me this morning.

"You need to be cognizant of how your knee is feeling in the next couple of weeks because if this pain where we think the tear is continues, you're going to need to look into repairing it. You leave it, and you risk permanent damage."

Want to know what I was thinking when he said that ... what I almost said out loud due to my internal filter being dulled because of my migraine cocktail of pills?


Yep ... that was it. I realize, it's not lady-like to swear. My mother has her head in her hands at this very moment and is moaning, "I raised her better than this. I really raised her better than this."

But that is what I was thinking ...

That, and, "well crap! There goes my Fall Break because I'm certainly not doing this during the school year. And while we're on it, well, crap! There goes my teeny, tiny MASTERS DEGREE fund. Because I'm betting my insurance is going to require some sort of co-pay for this one. Seriously, does the cosmos have something against me getting a masters degree? Is there some 11th commandment that says, Thou shalt not earn a masters degree, Megan!"

Yep, that's what I was thinking ...


Anonymous said…
Yes I do agree that completing a classroom is HUGE. I am dreading the thought of unpacking my some 100 boxes of crap to a new room. The good part is I like my new room but the thought of doing it is just about making me into an alcoholic...(I usually have a beer each time I think about it) :) Knee surgery is not so bad...been there, done it. And trust me it is SOOOOOO worth it. Also, as far as the Masters?.....I am still working on mine if that makes you feel any better. (Another case of turning into an alcoholic) :)


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