Thank God, I've turned a corner with this knee! Minimal pain this past weekend, and if you knew what I've gone through as far as pain is concerned, this is such a fabulously, wonderful thing! You just don't even know! Great news! Terrific news!

I think Michael the PT wanted to do the happy dance! I'm pretty sure he's sick of seeing me ... hearing me complain about the pain and the lack of being able to do anything, as if it were his fault. I'm sick of it being the center of my life. I'm sure y'all (little Kentucky speak there for you) are sick of reading about it.

Yesterday, I arrived at physical therapy with a list of questions. I wanted answers ... I wanted a time line ... I wanted assurances.

The first question I asked was if I would ever be able to walk for exercise again. The second question was how long I would have to deal with this? For a while? For a year? Forever? The third, how long before I am "back to normal?"

The answer: Not sure. This could be something you deal with for the rest of your life. It could be something that, within a year, you're doing all your normal things again. The key is getting strong and STAYING strong. Being strong means muscle mass. Muscle mass means higher metabolism. Higher metabolism means weight loss, and that's a cool bonus!

Here's the kicker. I need to be strong! It's been a goal I've bandied about for a while now, but I've never committed to actually doing it. I'm being forced into it now.

In order to, hopefully, never have to deal with this knee again ... in order to be able to hike and walk and bike and be active and healthy, I MUST get strong.

So, I made a big decision last night. The money it's going to cost me to be a member of the YMCA ... it's a nominal fee when I weigh the cost of my life and my well-being. I will sacrifice something else for the ability to be strong ... really, truly strong.

I need my feet held to the fire. I need accountability.

So, call me ... email me ... bug me to death to make sure that I am sticking with it and working on being strong.


Micah said…
Go, Megan!! Show the YMCA who's boss!

On a different note: I have a 50% off coupon for Adelia's that expires soon. Want to go to lunch next week?

On another different note: I have missed your last several blog entries somehow, so you might be getting belated comments from me in the next few days.

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