Well, it's started again. I'm spending endless days in my classroom ... cleaning ... moving crap ... throwing away crap. So, far, I've managed to pitch enough paper to reforest a small wooded area. This makes me realize that I need to SAVE stuff on my computer and print only what I need for a certain day. It's insane the paper I've thrown away ... not very green.

I always end up losing a little bit of weight during these days, as I forget to eat when I'm crazy, busy cleaning, pitching, reorganizing and the like. Today, I've consumed a couple of Zone bars, but since 8 a.m., I've not had anything really substantial. And since I've been here since about 11:30 a.m., I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I'm so hungry.

Perhaps just a few more items organized, and then I'll head home to make some chicken quesadillas.

I will admit that if Carrie were here to watch me clean and reorganize, she'd be less than pleased with the amount of stuff I'm keeping. However, I think she'd be just as pleased with the amount of stuff I've thrown away.

I still need to get rid of a bunch of stuff, but it's better than it was! Gotta love that!

However, spending all this time in my classroom does help to explain why I'm not dating ...


Anonymous said…
LMAO I am glad that my voice has become an internal voice, you know if I would tell you to pitch probably should!!!!

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