Changing the look of things

It's become apparent that I have been in need of a change for a while... a change of perspective ... a change of pace ... a change of view.

View .... So, the first view I'm changing is my blog view!
Currently, I am sitting on the fence about the design change, but change is good. So, change it is! I'm relatively sure there will be those among my readers that will hate it. But hopefully, SOMETHING will grow on me soon.

Perspective .... I say this all the time, but I'm NOT going to let my job chew me up and spit me out this quarter. I really, really desire this to NOT be the case. However, I guarantee that once I publish these words, the craziness of the tasks I will be asked to tackle will, in fact, catch up with me, and before I know it, I will be lost in the swirl of GOTTA GET IT DONE NOW!!!! It is my desire to allow some more ME TIME to slip into my day. This is going to require me to be more productive at work and home. That, in itself, will be tantamount to an act of God. However, I believe it is possible.

Lifestyle ... I need to embrace the hard habits: eating, exercising, and time-wasting. I actually have embraced the time-wasting habit pretty well. So, I'm actually looking at BREAKING that habit. I need to make sure that every second I am awake, I am living the most out of them.

I want 2011 to look radically different than 2010. Don't get me wrong. 2010 was a year full of blessings for me ... I just desire to be present in my life this year ... something I don't think I always was in 2010.


Mom said…
You just can't read the print. Can you make it darker?
Anonymous said…
I like it. Mom's right though the text is hard to read against the photo.

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