Recap ... a study in productivity

It was my mission this week to be as productive as possible while enjoying myself. To be honest, which I always try to be, I really thought that this would be a colossal waste of time. Seriously. I've always felt that trying to tick items off of a TO DO LIST was the polar opposite of fun. So, this whole Study in Productivity, was going to be the worst thing I'd dreamt up to this point.

And I have to admit, at the beginning of Saturday morning, I was singing the I TOLD YOU SO tune in the mirror to myself. After waking up late, but still early enough to beat the crowds at the grocery, I logged on to the computer to check my bank balance, and was met with the realization that I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about a technology conference chat I was to have.

Ugh! That put me back a full hour, and I wasn't able to make it to the grocery until closer to noon ... the DANGER HOUR on a Saturday when no one who works for the State has been paid since December 22nd.

On top of this ugly hiccup in my plans was the fact that I had somehow managed to miss the point that I'd run out of checks! A pretty MAJOR minor detail that caused me to make a flying trip to the bank to procure temporary checks to pay bills that were due!

The prognosis wasn't good for a Saturday full of productivity...

Only, for whatever reason, the normal Saturday throngs weren't as ... well, throngy. I was able to get in and get out with relative ease ... and that's saying a WHOLE LOT! The bank was able to get me the temps I needed, and I was on my way to a day of TO DOs done in no time!

I managed to get all my "errand" running done, and I even had time to chat with my parents and watch some television.

Sunday I was bitten by the ORGANIZING BUG, which entailed me hauling EVERYTHING out of my living room closet and then putting it all back in again ... except in a more orderly, organized fashion. It also meant that I organized all the random nails and screws and what-not that I'd been hauling from residence to residence (that's six residences, for those that have lost count!) into a lovely Do-Dad caddy specifically designed to organize what-not-and-so-forth. I was even able to read a couple of chapters in a book ... for pleasure! Oh the joy of such a feat!

Yesterday found me being crafty, creating a garland of my own design ... putting the vision I saw in my head, onto some fabric and ribbon. Those that know me well, know what an undertaking this crafty business can be.

Finally, I enjoyed myself! I fully, completely enjoyed myself. Something that hasn't happened for me in a very long time.

I've come to the realization that there is NEVER going to be a time when I "have it all done." So why kill myself ... beat myself up ... and generally fuss about something that is a complete impossibility.

Live a little, Murray!

And so I have ...


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