Please pass the umbrella

Well, I knew it would happen. I knew, uttering into space and time, that I was going to work at being a GLASS HALF FULL girl, that the giant Bird of Paradise and Happiness would come and drop the largest bird poop imaginable all over my day. I knew it like I knew the sky was blue and grass was green.

And guess what?

The Bird of Paradise and Happiness did not disappoint.

Major bird poop .... all over the place. My day looked like the *&#@ bird dive-bombed it.

Elly pointed out that I still need to be a girl whose glass is half full ... half full of a full-bodied red ... or a dry white ...

So, here I sit. With my wine glass half full and the BB Gun of Life aimed toward the heavens ...

To quote Elmer Fudd: "Be vewwy, vewwy quiet ... I'm hunting biwds!"


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