Getting my CRAFTY on

When it became obvious that I would have to take down Christmas decorations, leaving my house a naked decorating nightmare, I got it in my head that I would craft a heart garland to hang from my mantle, allowing a little decorating warmth to be created in an otherwise, cold decorating season.

But see, here's the thing, I don't craft things. Or rather, I don't craft things well. If it requires any amount of patience, I am out! This little brainstorm was not only going to required patience, it required a trip to Joann Fabrics, where upon my arrival, I was inundated with tools and millinery about which I knew absolutely NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO!

If that wasn't a disaster in the making in and of itself, I had to then attempt to coordinate fabrics, a practice in ridiculousness, since I just have no eye for such a thing. Thankfully, Joann's has decided to market to the QUILTING FOR DUMMIES crowd, of which I could be considered a periphery member. For $9.99, I was able to get five coordinating fabrics that I knew would
look good in my living room and would exude a certain retro feel in with the, I don't even know what, I was going for ... other than something funky to hang on my mantle.

Well, we've got FUNKY down pat, ladies and gentlemen!
I present,



Mom said…
From this distance it looks good.
Megan said…
Thanks! I'm very proud of myself! :)

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