Concluding a weekend

Earlier, I went through my typical, weekly Sunday Night Dread Fest, where the following items went through my mind ...
  1. Tomorrow is a Monday ... nothing more need be said.
  2. I'm going to have a staff meeting after school ... again, nothing more need be said.
  3. First night of grad class. I am really so over grad school already!
What made the the Dread Fest even worse was that I texted my friend Elly, and I basically told her that my Monday already SUCKED, and Monday wasn't even here yet. Well, if that isn't setting myself up for a HUGE amount of disaster, then I don't know what will!

When did I become the "glass is half-empty" person? I never use to be. I use to be able to look at the bright, sunny parts of just about anything. Beyond the fact that I've already spoken out loud how crappy my day will be (setting into motion all sorts of "bad karma"), the worst part is that I brought a friend down with me.

Today, I spent a wonderful 30 minutes on a brisk (read: COLD) walk through my neighborhood. I am determined to get back in shape ... again, and today was my "first step." Although it was cold, the walk was an amazing time for me to recharge and regroup. It was so quiet and peaceful, with only the birds and a few neighborhood dogs making any noise. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

And then I had to go and ruin it with my poopy 'tude.

Psalms 63:5 says, "I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods;
with singing lips my mouth will praise you. "

My mouth hasn't been making very many joyful comments these days. In fact, truth be told, my "singing lips" have been pretty negative. And I shudder to think the amount of times I've brought countless others down with me.

As I conclude a quiet, restful, relaxing weekend, I'm resolved to really working on being a more positive influence on the people around me. That means really quelling the Negative Nellie and making my best efforts to look for the positive.


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