Emmy came home last night, and it took her all of 20 minutes to settle in. Litter box training was not even an issue. I put her in the pan, and she commenced to playing in the litter! Go Kitty!

She spent the great majority of the evening investigating every last inch of the townhouse, playing with whatever she could find to play with. The most entertaining part of the evening for her was the discovery of A.) the BIG picture window in my living room, and B.) the fact that, when one looks out that BIG picture window, one can see parts of cars whizzing by on the highway just past the complex. Oh my goodness, what fun for a kitten! I became chopped liver when compared to watching the cars.

Emmy does step in her poop ... that's a disgusting habit that I hope, once she gets better with her fine and gross motor skills, will cease! Oh, and she got up at 4:21 this morning. Yeah, we had a little heart to heart, and she finally curled back up and actually slept next to me, rather than at my feet where she was for part of the evening.

She's a typical Maine Coon! She has a barely audible meow, but she trills like a trooper! And her purring ... that's very loud, and she loves to purr. She has a very typical Maine Coon plumed tail with those Maine Coon ear tufts. Her paws are HUGE, and just like all her ancestors before her, she's got large tufts of fur between each pad and toe. She is fascinated by EVERYTHING, and she investigates it all. She LOVES water. In her foster home, apparently, she was found in the dog's water bowl, her ENTIRE body in the bowl. Oh this is going to be fun, I can tell already!

Here are a few photos of what we do at 7:00 a.m. ... it doesn't look like I'm not getting much sleep in the immediate future ...


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! She is just precious. Her pictures we met with many "Ohhh"s here. Sweet name too. Have fun (hopefully after 4:21 a.m.)!

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