Dear Readers,

I need clarification, as Carrie has told me countless times, I'm just clueless when it comes to matters of men.

Today, I did every single exercise I could, without the help of a gym tech person ... until I was left with only the Lat Machine, the Total Gym, and the hip extension exercise meant to torture the person forced into doing the exercise. Yes, this meant, I would have to approach Caleb the Gym Guy and have him set those machines up for me.


Was Friday just a fluke?

Would he be back to his normal, crabby self?

I stood and waited for Caleb to get a free moment, making sure my arms weren't crossed over my body, as I was told that sends a very negative vibe via your body language (my friends Dwayne and Lori Powell have informed me that I must smile more and compliment more -- it sets a better vibe... although, I'm not sure I will use any of Dwayne's lines, which consisted of "I LOVE your calves" ... but Dwayne, you can't see his calves ... then tell him, "I'd love to see your calves.").

Caleb looked up from his charts, and for a split second, I thought he was going to snap at me, so I quickly blurted, "LATSTOTALGYMANDTHATTORTUROUSEXERCISEYOUMADEMEDOONFRIDAY." Translation: "lats, total gym, and that torturous exercise you made me do on Friday."

He smiled (yes, he smiled again), and said, "Torturous? But it was good for me."

"HA! Well, I'm glad it was good for someone."

And he walked off ... chuckling. Yes, that's right! Chuckling.

Okay, so would the average American human being consider that exchange flirting? If so, I think I was successful at it, relatively speaking ...

Carrie, you may need to make a phone call and let me know. Neenee, you might have to do the same. You know how dense I am at these things ...

Either way, I believe I'm stroking his ego. However, according to Dwayne, that's what you've got to do with men any way. Plus, there's this added bonus ... my ego is growing ever so much! How cool is that?


Anonymous said…
It was sooo flirting!!~Shanny
Anonymous said…
Yes, definitely flirting!!
Way to go!
Micah said…
Sounds like flirting to me! You really turned this Gym Guy situation around quickly -- you must be waaay more charming than you think :)

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