Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Tonight was my church small group.

I walked into the place and announced to Lori, one half of the couple that hosts our group at their house, "hey, so your single neighbor guy is standing out there shirtless, his hairy chest all out there for everyone to view. Should I go up and check out the situation, seeing as he's half naked?"

Then and only then did I realize we had a new couple visiting tonight ... a new couple NOT AT ALL accustomed to my mouth. The wife gave me a look that, honestly, I was having difficulty interpreting, but I picked up on a small amount of "horrified wonder." Just a teeny amount ...


Would that be misconstrued as a bad first impression?

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Elly Gilbert said...

You should have introduced yourself to these folks as, "inspector general of all half-naked men." Like it was a state office or something...