I walked into a Steve and Barry's empty-handed ... one that's going out of business ... and I walked out with a pair of khakis for $3.69. I never find clearanced, clearanced, clearance that actually fit me. Never!

This is amazingly awesome!

Freakishly thrilling!

A pair of khakis for under $4!?

If you have somehow missed the significance, allow me to explain. I am the Queen of Khakis. I'd live in them ALL THE TIME, if I could find enough to outfit my closet with (and if I didn't think someone would sic Clinton and Stacy on me). To be able to manage a pair for this price .... well, let's just say I'm doing the happy dance ... all over the place!


Micah said…
This makes me really jealous. If I keep thinking about it, I might overcome my aversion to shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Megan said…
Embrace it, Micah!!!!

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