The people have spoken, and, for the first time in American history, we will have someone of color leading this country. For the first time in American history, a greater population of people will have someone that actually looks and sounds like them serving as their leader. It doesn't matter how you cut it or what side of the fence you happen to sit on, that's historically relevant, folks!

It became crystal clear for me on Monday when, as my class and I sat and discussed how amazing this year's elections were going to be ... how they were sitting on the cusp of history being made, one of my students raised her hand and asked, "So Miss Murray, does that mean if I wanted to become president one day, I could run?"

You see, this little girl isn't only a little girl, she's a black little girl, born in another country, but living here in America, a fabled land of dreams, and for the first time in her lifetime, she's seeing a dream being born.

"Yes, baby, that means, one day, you could run for president."

The light that burst from her face was amazing, and I fought back tears. You see, for a lot of my students, being president is something they could see themselves attaining, because presidents have always looked like them. For a lot of my students, though, it's a dream not worth dreaming.

Today, the day after some pretty monumental election results, I have students who are now dreaming really big dreams.

For this apathetic political participator, watching my little student light up as the dream took hold ... well, let's just say, it did my heart well. She is, after all, my future ...


Anonymous said…
It is amazing to witness things, especially things you know are historical when they're happening, through children's' eyes! I'm sure it was tough holding back those tears.

Me said…
Uh, if she wasn't born in the U.S., can she really be pres. someday? Or were you just trying to get the point across that we don't have to be limited by and to certain things?

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