My principal decided it would be fun to do some team building exercises this evening since we don't have school tomorrow (no one has school during elections). I was all for it ... until I found out what we'd be doing.

We're doing some sort of balancing thing. Not sure what it is, but I can't manage to hurt myself too badly on that.

Then we're doing a zip line. Yeah ... just shoot me now. I HATE heights. I'm scared to death of them. The idea of swinging on a rope, that in all likelihood could snap, across a chasm of nothingness ... well, let's just say, I've now broken out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Finally, if zipping through air wasn't bad enough, our boss plans on dumping us off in the middle of the woods, in the dark, and trusting we all make it back safe and sound.

Okay, so you all know I LOVE hiking, but this is in the dark, and my track record for staying upright on flat surfaces isn't all that great. Managing tougher terrain in the dark, well, let's just say, the degree to which I might do bodily harm to myself is very, very high.

I plan to smuggle a mini Maglite and Swiss Army Knife. I figure I have a good chance at winning the fight with a rabid raccoon should I never find my way back.

In the meantime, my affairs are all in order ... I hope ...


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