I received the paper copy of my formative review today. Typically, a teacher, upon completion of the observational report by their principal, has a sit down-meeting with the aforementioned principal, and they discuss the report. Then, after said discussion, the teacher signs the paper copy and goes on his or her merry way.

My principal and I had the sit-down, but he'd not had time to finish the paper copy. I told him it was okay ... "get it to me when you can."

Today, after school, he came in and handed it to me. Here's a direct quote:

"Strengths: Workaholic, always at school, planning, researching, reflecting, communicating, refining ..."

The word that stood out to me was WORKAHOLIC.

I said to a colleague, "Hey Lisa, if your boss uses the word workaholic in your formative review, is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"I think it's a good thing. As long as the word starts with a WORK... and not an ALCO..., I think you're good."

So, I guess I'm good ... although, I'm wondering if he is asking me to read between the lines ... WORKAHOLIC, sic, doesn't have a life of her own and that's why her house looks like a pig-sty and why she's still not married or at the very least in some sort of relationship."


Anonymous said…
Megan, you are a dork! A boss calling you a workaholic is a good thing. A friend....well they are telling you to get a life. =) Which may have happened a time or too!
Anonymous said…
opps two I am a teacher

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